Cable and Reel Management Through Timely, Trustworthy, and Actionable Data

Reel Sense®

Reel Sense® is an enterprise-wide digital platform that utilizes state-of-the-art hardware and data-driven software to manage cable, reels, and work orders creating full traceability of every reel and job in real-time.

  • Reduces scrap and partial reels by creating a more efficient use of inventory
  • Delivers new operational insights for cable planning, purchasing, and installation
  • Improves traceability for all cable work (who, when, where, type and amount of cable)
  • Drives new savings opportunities and risk management strategies via complete, granular, and linked data
  • Effortlessly count and record ever-changing cable lengths at 98%-99% accuracy
Wire Pulse Reel Sense Ecosystem

”I am behind this 100%. It helps with accuracy, eliminating workload, and helps my team keep track of the cable used.”

- Crew Leader, Underground Contractors


Wire Pulse Reel Sense Software
  • Minimize partial cable reels
  • Avoid unnecessary truck rolls or trips
  • Reduce new cable purchases
  • Reclaim reel deposits
  • Break Down cable data from lots into individual reels
  • Lower inventory carrying costs
  • Select optimal cable reel for job
  • Trace cable installs back to contractors and cable OEMs

”It’s easy. It’s Efficient. I like it!”

- Operations Manager, Major US Utility


Wire Pulse’s Reel Sense® ecosystem collects and interprets data in real-time throughout the entire life-cycle of cable to provide actionable, intelligent insight to every contributor.

Wire Pulse Reel Sense Ecosystem

Cable Manufacturer

OEM members of Reel Sense receive alerts about their cable usage, enabling them to better plan their production lots based on received market intelligence about installs and availability, resulting in better service to their customers.

Cable Distributor

Distributors use real-time detailed data about their customer’s cable usage to build actionable insights, market intelligence and value added services.

Electric / Fiber Utilities & Asset Owners

Asset Owners see and receive detailed information about inventory, work order history, install locations, predictive maintenance, and installer efficiency.


Installers provide and receive detailed information about work order history, asset locations, and installation and removal locations.

”We would like to put Wire Pulse on every one of our reels.”

- SVP of a Top Cable Manufacturer

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